GM Sipke Ernst



My name is Sipke Ernst, International grandmaster and professional chess coach. I was born in 1979 in a small city in the north of the Netherlands called Dokkum. At the age of 9 I learned chess at grammar school and I have been hooked on the game ever since. As a teenager I was one of the top juniors of my country, but I didn't achieve a lot of succeses: I never qualified for an European or World junior championship. Still my hard work paid off when I qualified for the Dutch championship in 1998. Back then the national championship was considered a prestigious event and this edition was particularly strong, with GM's Nikolic, Sokolov, Timman, Van Wely and Piket playing. Finally I finished 9th (of 12) and obtained my first IM-norm. At the end of the year I became an International Master. Seven years later I was awarded the GM-title. Also I hold an MA degree in Dutch Language and Culture.

Further tournaments

Feel free to let me know about some tournament!