Although my students have a wide variety in background, level and age, there are quite a lot of youth talents among them. They come from countries such as India, South-Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, United-States, Canada, Sweden and England. My students have one thing in common: they want to improve their chess. I’ll teach online as well as face to face, before and during tournaments. Learning my students how to improve their game doesn’t stop when the lesson hours are over or when my students achieve the next level. I give full dedication to my students; there is always room and time to improve.


I guide my students with a wide range of methods, suited for his or her particular chess style and personality. Communication is key, and a positive and constructive coaching atmosphere as least as important. As a teacher I advertise a analytical and affective approach with clear goals in mind. As we search for weaknesses in your play (which every chess player has), together we make a master plan to improve these parts. My method contains digging in to ones opening repertoire, analyse games, tactic- and endgame puzzles, playing out certain settings over the board, tailor-made homework and prepare for particular opponents and tournaments. On top of that I supply my students with the best material and chess books out there and material I developed myself.